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soap carving.

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soap carving.

“B” stands for “BLUE”. The name of my carving class.


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soap carving

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I carved blue roses. The blue soap is the new product of a Japanese soap company.

The managing director of the company is a very charming woman. And , the good news is that, she is leaning soap carving. She is now working on making soap that is suitable for carving. The blue soap is one of those.


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I like to carve macaroon. Thinking about the combination of colours is fun. This time I use some vivid colour soap.


The “icing” is the idea of my student, using cleansing foam.

You see, I have no talent of icing. lol



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I carved a ladybird with red soap and black soap.


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Initial #2






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I carved some roses.  These are soap carving.




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This is the work which just sticking some soap flowers on a large board. But it is very important for me because it is the joint work which all of my students and I made together.

I asked every student to carve 1 small flower and bring it to the class. Any colour, any kind of flowers would be all right. Some carved  roses, some carved  margarets. Some carved red flowers, some carved  blue flowers. Some of the students who could not carve by theirselves, because they just had started to learn carving, carved some flowers during the lesson time. Then I asked them to stick the flowers on the board and write down their names below the flowers.

On the exhibition day, we decorated the board with paper leaves and butterflies. Then I hung the board on the center wall of the gallery.

It was fun.  The friends and the family members of the students looked for the flowers of the students.  A lot of people always surrounded the board during the exhibition. I felt happy to see people enjoyed it.

After the exhibition I’m hanging the board in my class. The gentle smell of soap fills the room.


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In the late last summer, when my husband had just come home from a bussiness trip to Hokkaido, he took out a folded paper from his pocket. He opened it gently, there were some dendelion seeds.

Hokkaido is the most northern province of Japan, much colder than Tokyo. He told me that while he was walking in a park near the hotel in the morning, he saw thousands of dandelion seeds all over the field. 

We planted some of the seeds into a flowerpot in the balcony, and let the rest fly into the air. The seeds in the flowerpot sprouted soon. The leaves went through winter and had a lot of buds this spring. The other day I saw one of the buds bloomed! 

The picture below is the wildflowers in spring. Soap carving.


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